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Discover the sensual world of BLISSIIMO a unique combination of fragrance, exquisite design & glamour.

We lean into the European history of the houses we proudly represent - many centuries old, with captivating traditions.

BLISSIIMO is an unbridled appreciation for beauty, pleasure, intimacy - those things that connect to your senses & transcend time.

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From the rich tapestry of French Aristocratic history comes the real world story of CIRE TRUDON, the worlds oldest candlemaker and official supplier to Palace Versellais. The now iconic emblem blazes across the beloved scented candles as a symbol of quality and perseverance. Simply, there is no equal in scented candles.

Trudon Tuileries Collection

Devine Rose and Spice fragrance contained in a subtle apricot toned frosted glass vessel.

Captivating in both colour and fragrance, Trudon celebrates the Tuileries Palace & Marie Antoinette's love for the roses that grew in the gardens. Parisian history is richly entwined with the story of the Tuileries and it is entirely befitting Trudon creates this passionate and intimate tribute.


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ZEN and the art of Incense

ZEN and the art of Incense

“Just as there is an art to serving tea, flower arranging, and calligraphy, there is an art to burning incense. A sixteenth-century Zen priest is credited with describing the ten virtues of incense burning:

  1. Incense burning opens the mind to divinity.
  2. Incense burning purifies the mind and body.
  3. Incense burning divests the mind of worldly impurities.
  4. Incense burning wakes up the mind and keeps one alert.
  5. Incense burning encourages the mind in solitude.
  6. Incense burning brings peace to a busy mind.
  7. One cannot burn too much incense.
  8. Even a little incense is enough.
  9. The age of the incense does not affect its efficacy.
  10. Habitual use of incense causes no harm.”
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Canberra's loveliest Shopping Village

opening hours
10 - 5 Tuesday to Friday
10 - 4 Weekends

Positioned on the corner of Bouganville and Furnaux streets ( The old Witchery store ) there is easy on street parking & dozens of cafe's in the area to tempt you in.

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