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Discover by Diffusion type



    This may be an old-school option, but it’s still used in many modern contexts. Despite their religious connotations, some people burn incense because they find the experience of burning incense calming and to a certain extent, healing. Others simply enjoy a smoky aroma evoking the great outdoors. Originally burnt in their raw plant or wood form, incense is more commonly available in the form of coil, cone and sticks today. To use it, you light the tip of the stick/coil/cone that’s placed on an incense burner and let it burn for a few moments before gently extinguishing the fire.

    Tip: Look for incense that is 100% natural as synthetic options may be carcinogenic or foul-smelling. Have fun scouting for incense burners that match the interiors of your home!



    Designed to function a cologne or perfume, room sprays offer the fastest fragrance fix. Thus, they are your best option to mask unpleasant odours, A room spray is compounded with higher concentrations of fragrances and chemicals compared to a body perfume, and hence is not recommended to be used in the same way. Those with lofty ceilings, busy furniture and a lot of movement in the house would benefit from room sprays, as they offer better mobility and flexible concentrations by number of sprays.

    Tip: You can layer different room spray scents to create your own signature scent. Alternatively, try using them in tandem with a longer-lasting home fragrance as they provide a may quick fix, but the scent will dissipate after some time.


    Reed Diffusers

    A reed diffuser is relatively convenient, long-lasting and low-maintenance compared to others on this list. It uses porous, wooden reeds to draw fragrance from the bottle of a bottle to the top of the reed. The scent is released into the air as the oils are absorbed into the reeds. You need only flip the reeds upside down once a week to ensure their pores are not clogged – no lighter or electricity needed. However, the scent is quite subtle, so it is best used to perfume smaller spaces.

    Tip: High-quality rattan reeds will ensure better intake of the essential oils and more effective diffusion into the air. Poor quality ones tend to be less porous and get clogged easily.


    Scented Candles 

    Arguably the most popular option. These are widely available in the market in a variety of scents, sizes, shapes and colours – hence their popularity. Their dancing flames offer a warm (and romantic) ambience to any room. They be placed anywhere around the home, though preferably at a safe distance from young children and pets lest they become a fire hazard. Typically, they are recommended for spaces where you spent most of your time in, such as the living area or your bedroom as you will need to put out the flame after a few hours once the top layer of wax has melted evenly. The wicks should be trimmed after use to prevent black smoke.

    Tip: Aim for candles that are made from soy or beeswax as these are higher in quality. Avoid paraffin or petroleum-derived wax candles, which may be harmful for health and the environment.









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