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The Tea Salon



    Afternoon Tea - A British food tradition of sitting down for an afternoon treat of tea, sandwiches or savouries, scones, and cakes -  traditionally served on low, comfortable, parlour chairs or relaxing in the garden. Served around 4 p.m -  It was never intended to replace dinner but rather to fill in the long gap between lunch and dinner at a time when dinner was served as late as 10pm.  BLISSIIMO Afternoon tea. Your choice of Mariage Freres Tea and cake of the day with a scoop of Gelato. 

    High Tea - More substantial than afternoon tea, high tea was usually a late supper that could also serve as dinner. The Spanish might call it TAPAS, The French apéritif dinatoire.” and the Italians Anti-Pasta. A special moment shared among friends. The atmosphere is laid back. It is time to relax, trade jokes, or get to know new acquaintances better. Whether held indoors or outdoors, guests sit down - It’s important to be comfortable. BLISSIIMO Hight tea. Your choice of Mariage Freres Tea and a tower of treats that include savory tarts,  scones with lavender jelly and cream, macarons, eclairs and little cakes. 

    Royal Tea - Our creme de la creme service.  BLISSIIMO Royal tea - a hight tea with a complimentary glass of French Champagne 


    A la bonne franquette, hein?” (There will be no fuss. Expect an informal gathering.)

    BLISSIIMO Tea Salon is an unusual experience with a great deal of Panache! As it is in Australia, we blend the best of European culture and relaxed Australian informality to offer a range of casually elegant afternoon and early evening delights. 

    What is a "Salon?" From around the 16th century, A salon was not a place - it was an event. An informal gathering of fashionable and daring writers, poets, artists, musicians, and social butterflies. 

    The attendees lounged about, eating, drinking and discussing the ideas of the day. A spot to see and be seen. The period in which salons were dominant has been labeled " The Age of Conversation".

    We invite you to enjoy our salon, relax on the sofas and chairs dotted through the arcade, smooch around the store, sipping and sniffing, relax in the fernery at the front of the building on a rainy day, or sit outside and watch the world go by. 

    Order and Pay inside, take your lucky number and choose a seat - we will find you!  SECURING A SEAT. If you prefer to book a seat in your preferred location - choose form the following options. 

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