The Cacao Macaron represents a totally unique taste sensation. It's crisp yet chewy at the same time and impeccably balanced with delicately flavoured fillings. Our macarons are handmade in our Melbourne patisserie, using the finest natural ingredients. 

    Allergen dietary reference 

    • All of our macarons contain Dairy, Egg and Tree Nuts.
    • Some flavours also contain Gluten and Alcohol. 


    Barry Callebaut, the home of the finest Belgian chocolate, has been our supplier of choice since 2003. Their chocolate is of consistently high quality and made from the finest cocoa beans sourced mainly from West African farms. Each batch of cocoa bean is tasted and meticulously documented to ensure consistent flavour profiles. They are one of the few chocolate makers who still roast the whole cocoa beans to preserve their powerful taste and aromatic notes.

    Barry Callebaut is also committed to ensure that chocolate will be around forever. The company has set some very ambitious targets to drive systematic change in their chocolate supply chain. By 2025 they want to:

    • Eradicate child labour from their supply chain
    • Lift 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty
    • Become carbon and forest positive
    • Use 100% sustainable ingredients in all of their products



    In 2017, we started to look for a locally produced honey to use in our honeycomb and macarons. We wanted pure, natural honey straight from the bee hive.

    After some research, we came across 
    Backyard Honey in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, only 30 minutes from our kitchen. Backyard Honey beekeepers hand-harvest honey from hives tended in Melbourne and rural Victorian locations. Each honey harvest is full of the natural nutritional goodness of local nectars and pollens. It’s 100% pure, raw and unheated. The honey is absolutely beautiful, with amazing depth of flavour giving our products a unique taste profile.


    Almond meal is the hero ingredient in our macarons, making up 60% of the macaron shells. We are very fortunate to live in a country that produces some of the best almonds in the world. All of our almond meal comes from Australian growers via AlmondCo Australia, a globally recognised quality producer of almond products.



    Salt is a key ingredient in our salted caramel chocolate ganache and macaron fillings. Murray River Salt, a completely natural, additive and preservative free salt provides us with the perfect texture and flavour to create a sensational caramel.

    Murray River Salt is produced using the pristine mineralised brines from ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling basin in NSW.


    We source our vanilla paste from Heilala Vanilla, farmed in Tonga. Their multi-award winning vanilla paste is fully traceable to the source plantation. It is creamy, rich and sweet adding that fresh vanilla flavour to our chocolate.

    Heilala Vanilla was started in 2005 by a New Zealand family as an aid project to support farmers in Tonga following a cyclone. Since then, Heilala has also partnered with farmers in the South Pacific, and most recently in Uganda to help develop local vanilla industries.




    Our butter comes from Australia’s oldest dairy processor Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, located on the Great Ocean Road in South-West Victoria, one of the best dairy regions in the country. 

    We love beautiful ingredients and using premium butter in our chocolates and macarons is critical in achieving the high quality we strive for.




    We use Ravifruit purees in our macarons and chocolates for their consistency, superb quality and natural flavour. Ravifruit purees are based on a wholly natural recipe containing real fruit with no added flavour, colour or preservative.

    The fruits are sourced from the same farms in the Rhone Valley, France’s biggest fruit production area, and harvested only when they are ripe to ensure consistency in taste, texture and flavour.