About Us

We pay homage to the timeless intrique of a store you might DISCOVER in a European laneway. Timeless and alluring, an emporio of EXQUISITE perfumes, precious incenses, vintage treasure & aromatic teas. A little fallen ARISTOCRAT, a little bohemian maverick. You find yourself transported - drawn to visit again and again.

New stock arriving weekly from across the globe.

Exceptional gift wrapping / mail order / delivery available.


Behind the brand BLISSIIMO 

Since 1997 a pair of creatives Amanda Hammond ( artist ) and Tiffany Manning ( psychologist ) have been collaborating in the world of retail and design. Thier work has been shown in outlets such as Collette, Paris/ Barneys, New York/ Harvey Nicholls, London/ Joyce, Hong Kong.

They have written a book published by New Holland called "ILLUMINATE' and  commissions include Bar Lurhman with Fox Studio's to create movie property for Romeo+ Juliet and Ever After.   

BLISSIIMO is their latest venture, drawing inspiration from of their joint passion for the eclectic and distinctive stores they adore in France and Italy.

The word BLISSIIMO is a play on words - BLISS meaning pleasure and  -issimo an Italian suffix which adds the  qualifier of "extremely" or "remarkably."