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Our Philosophy

We believe that each one of our differences can make a difference.

We believe that beauty is as diverse as there are humans beings on earth.

We believe that perfume transcends our emotions, which is why we honour the psychology and story behind each creation. 

We want to care for your skin, not automatically correct its imperfections.

We Buy from small companies that use natural ingredients, grown from the earth. In this way, each grower creates jobs and opportunities in sustainable industry across the globe. 

We refuse to represent companies that use paraffin or other petroleum based components. 

We follow the beat of our own drum, both creatively and commercially.

We are privately owned giving us total freedom from any bank or financial entity; we started small and remain that way by choice.

We are looking to create a unique concept of the perfumery: a centre of beauty and rejuvenation through our primal olfactory and tactile senses.

We support a craftsmanship ecosystem: handcrafted, hand-blended, hand filled ... where the hand of the maker and talented teams of artisans are still evident 

We believe that art is unique and deserve fair pay, making it not plausible to lower or offer special sale on our products.

We believe it is our duty to respect indegenous culture and knowledge of nature and pass it on to you.

We seek for a poetic balance between elegance and sophisticated rawness.



we acknowledge MANIFESTO by MAD E LINE in crafting this philosophy. 
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