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Our Staff

B L I S S II M O  has a very small, talented team who have been very carefully chosen to be our brand ambassadors. We make our selection based on personality and passion - people with a lively spirit who are excited to offer excellence in customer service. 

In turn we aim to be an employer who provides staff with room to be creative, make a difference and grow.  Our staff are valued and treasured, we make it a point to offer tasks that are suited to their personality and professional goals. 


International Business Manager  
Daniela Hrušková    daniela.hruskova@blissiimo.com.au

Dani hails from the Czech Republic and holds a Masters degree in International Relations. She speaks several languages. Her role as the overall manager of the company speaks to her keen mind, attention to detail and love of being busy with incredible variety of tasks each day. She loves perfume, cats, international beers and comedy! 


Sales Assistant / Graphics/ Social Media 
Ellen Nugen      

Ellen is the youngest member of our team and has freshly graduated from a Bachelor of Communications. Ellen is taking on the website, social media, graphic content and store displays - which reflects her natural gift for design and layout. Gentle and elegant, Ellen can assist customers in several asian languages. She loves cooking from scratch, fashion, Jazz music, vintage and is a dog person. 


Sensory Specialist / Trainer / Nose 
Brendan Dal Cortivo

Brendan is a dark horse! Although a qualified electrician and naturopath, his passion and expertise in perfume and scented goods is frankly mind boggling. He possesses the gift of "a nose "  -  a much prized natural ability to discern thousands of diverse fragrances and remember how they work together. Noses are sought after in wine tasting and perfumery. Brendan's family is from Venito, Italy. He is a well travelled chap with passions that include his beautiful wife, Italian performance cars, snakes, dogs, adventure sports of all kinds and an enviable perfume collection!


Tiffany Manning    mail@tiffanymanning.co

Tiffany hold degrees both Fashion Buying and Merchandising and Psychology. Her background includes marketing, creative director on magazines and being a brand manager. She is a collector of art, "projects" and quirky houses. Her role within the business is a mix of marketing, buying and maintaining the brands aesthetic. 


Artist in Residence 

A K H 

Our artist in residence is as elusive as she is talented. With a double degree in sculpture and design, her background includes ceramics, candle making, figurative work and industrial design. She is a cat lover, is crazy for Italian art  and enjoys spending time in long conversations over coffee with friends and family. 

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