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TEA SALON | The Full Menu

T E A   S A L O N 

From the 16th Century, a Salon was not a place - it was an EVENT. An informal meeting of fashionable or daring writers, poets, artists , musicians $ social butterflies.... often in someones home. Attendees lounged about, eating , drinking, & discussing ideas of the day. A spot to see and be seen. The period in which salons were dominant has been labeled the 'age of conversation'. We invite you to the best French Tea Salon in Australia to enjoy our 'salon'. Relax on sofas and lounge chairs dotted thought the arcade, smooch around in th store, sipping languidly, relax in the glass fernery at the front of the building, or sit ousted and watch the world go by. 
We change our menu from season to season. The descriptions here are indicative of what is on offer at the Best French Tea Salon, chosen for how they complement the star of the show - MARIAGE FRERES TEA. 




Bear and Beard Coffee

7 Miles coffee blend is characterised by a complex aroma, balanced acids and a silky smooth flavour. The Children's Bear Foundation receives $1.00 for every bag sold, which makes it a win win for kids, bears and coffee drinkers!




Large ( Grande) 






Flat White




Iced Espresso

Long Black 







C H O C O L A T E S   &   C H A I S 

Decadent, rich, wonderfully aromatic - the flavours are derived from a combination of powders, spices, syrups, roasted fruits and fresh botanicals. 



Chilli chocolate

Chocolate Chai

Chocolate & Rose

White Chocolate

Milk chocolate 

Hot Chocolate









F A N C Y  T H I N G S 

Sometimes you need to be a little bit extra! 

Side of Gelato with cake 

Whipped Cream 

Marshmallow Fluff 

Persian Fairy Floss

Syrup in Coffee 

Plant based milk ( wrangling those almonds to milk it tricky ) 







F L A V O U R I N G S 


Sallted Caramel



















Green Apple

Green Tea

Pink rapefruti








G E L A T O  

Award winning "Pure Gelato' is made lovingly by hand in Canberra using the best of local produce. We have regular flavours and seasonally changing special offerings







M I L K   S H A K E S,  F R A P P E S  &  I T A L I A N  S O D A S   

MILK SHAKES  - A sentimental favourite, sweet creamy frothy milk with a scoop of gelato.Milkshakes originated in the United States around the turn of the 20th century, and grew in popularity following the introduction of electric blenders in the subsequent two decades. They became a common part of youth popular culture, as ice cream shops were a culturally acceptable meeting place for youth, and milkshakes became symbolic of the innocence of youth.

FRAPPE -  comes from the French word, which describes a milk shake over ice - adding texture and a crisp temperature. The frappé was invented through experimentation by Dimitris Vakondios, a Nescafe representative, in 1957 in Thessaloniki. Frappés are among the most popular forms of coffee in Greece and Cyprus and have become a hallmark of postwar outdoor Greek coffee culture.

ITALIAN SODAridiculously refreshing!  Reminiscent of the soda fountain era of the 40s/50s. A fusion of soda water, ice, flavoured syrup and cream, the sodas were originally introduced by two Italian immigrants living in San Francisco in 1925 when they brought back a recipe from Lucca (Italy) to make flavoured syrups.






S H A V E D  I C E 

Shaved ice has been a popular dessert across the world for centuries. The first documented shaved ice dessert was made in 27 B.C.E. The Roman Emperor Nero sent slaves to collect snow from nearly mountains. He then had teh ice flavoured with fruit nd honey. Our shaved ice is topped with exotic syrups and served in a tall glass or paper cone, 




V E R R I N E S 

Constructed in a small glass, they are aesthetic adn gustatory experience with several layers of texture and flavour, aromas and visual amusements, Usually the lower layer is 'tart' to prepare the taste buds to receive other tastes. A middle layer is the featured ingredient with the finale being a smooth and silky texture providing a full bodies, pleasant finale. Toppings could be crunchy, sweet, tart or contrasting. to complete the adventure. Our Verrines are created for BLISSIIMO by Artiste Patisserie & Michelin Chef "W".







M A C A R O N S 

French Macarons are two delicate meringue buscuits sandwiched together with a sweet ganache. The macaron is traditionally held to have been intrudes by into France by the Italian chef to Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance. 







M A D E L I N E S 

There is an etiquette - a French ritual to eating these petite golden cakes with a pot of fine tea. Madelines are bite sized French sponge cakes with a citrus syrup - delightful to the eye and the mouth. Baked for us in the traditional manner by Artiste Patisserie & Michelin Chef "W".






L E T   T H E M   E A T  C A K E

A tempting range of single serve cakes, slices and mouth watering gateau to add a little sugar and love to your day.




M I N I  C H E E S E  P L A T E 

Indulge your inner mouse with a little bit of fromage! 



A F T E R N O O N   T E A 

Combine a crisp macaroon, a creamy gelato and a pot of MARIAGE FRERES tea to form a memorable tasting trio for the perfect afternoon tea. The combination of flavours is endless - let your imagination lead your tastebuds into new territory and explore the possibilities. 





H I G H  T E A 

Presented on an impressive two or three tier tray, we offer our own version, with little of everything to amuse your tastebuds. Sit back and relax with a drink of your choice ( we recommend a pot of MARIAGE FRERES tea) and work your way through the range of sweet and savoury delights. 'Low tea' is where guests are seated in deep comfortable arm-chairs with with side tables. 






R O Y A L E   T E A 

Royal Tea is the fancy version of high tea, with a bowl of fresh summer strawberries and cream.  It is believed this remarkable combination was first Introduced by Thomas Wolsey (right hand man to King Henry VIII)  at a Royal banquet in 1509. It was then served to spectators at tennis matches at the royal court of Thomas' Palace. Today, it is a staple at tennis matches as a nod to the nobility of the game. We offer a complimentary glass of French Champagne to guests partaking of a Royal Tea. 




C E L E B R A T I O N  T E A  P A R T Y 

When the occasion calls - CELEBRATE! A whole cake is presented for all to enjoy, each person selects a MARIAGE FRERES tea they fancy. 



T O A S T E D  H O M E - M A D E  C R U M P E T S  &  T E A 

Quintessentially British, tea and crumpets have been a national past time since 1700's. Crispy, chewy & delicately fluffy, their distinguishing feature is a surface riddled with holes, which allows the butter to permeate from top to bottom. We offer Buttermilk, Chocolate or Vegan Coconut. 



S C O N E S  &  T E A 

Sometimes called a 'Cream Tea" - this is the darling of Victorian Tea rooms across Britain for the last century. We present a pair of fluffy scones with cream,  rose petal jam and a pot of English Breakfast Tea. Terribly. terribly proper. 



M A R I A G E   F R E R E S 

Appointed to the Court of Louis the XIV to go forth and find treasure from the exotic east, the Mariage Brothers returned with treasure of a different kind. Liquid Gold in the form of tea. Each Mariage Freres Tea is individually brewed according to type and presented with sugar/ lemon/ organ rind or milk as recommended. 


BLACK              Single Plantation 

WHITE              Young Tips 

SCENTED         Naturally Flavoured 

RED                  Roobos

BLUE                Oolong

TISANE             Herbs and Flowers




M A R I A G E   F R E R E S   I C E D  T E A 

Steeped for 24 hours and served chilled over ice, we prepare the MARIAGE FRERES Iced teas during summer for something really lovely and exquisite. 




M O N I S T A 

In our humble opinion, the very best of Australian tea. This is a delightful range of loose leaf tea from Melbourne. Beautifully packaged - the proof is in the tasting. Full of flavour, high quality blends that make a cup of tea a moment of self care. 

Tasters note: I have never liked Chamomile tea. It has always tasted like RSL ashtrays to me. Not so with Monista Camomile tea. I could drink this all day. It unusual -with a more substantial base and pleasant floral top note. 





L O N D O N   F O G 

Based on MONISTA Lavender Earl Grey, we make a tea then top it with frothed milk to create the swirl of fog on a London Morning.Who knew this simple combination could be so antiquing and delicious? Strangely refreshing. 






M A G I C I A N S   G L O V E 

Nothing up our sleeve - let us conjour up a fortune tellers china cup, a tea that almost tastes like chocolate and a guide book you can 'pour' over for hours!Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, is said to have origins in Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece, with Middle Eastern cultures typically using coffee. However, modern tea leaf reading began in the 17th century, when tea was introduced from China to Europe.


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