MAISON CRIVELLI | Eau De Parfum  - IRIS MALIKHAN - Blissiimo Pty Ltd
MAISON CRIVELLI | Eau De Parfum  - IRIS MALIKHAN - Blissiimo Pty Ltd
MAISON CRIVELLI | Eau De Parfum  - IRIS MALIKHAN - Blissiimo Pty Ltd


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 Iris Malikhan

Sun-kissed cypress, creamy mastika, emerald dusk, incense pearl. Iris butter. Gilded purple petals. Animalic mimosa. An inky blink, amber leather. Gentle feline, tender fervour.

Inspired by the discovery of iris fields on the edge of the desert, Iris Malikhân will surprise you with an intoxicating contrast between verdant iris and a warm duo of vanilla and leather.



Marc Zini


Beauty lies in the unexpected

It is this conviction that drove visionary founder Thibaud to launch Maison Crivelli. Through each Haute Parfumerie creation, Thibaud Crivelli shares the memory of an unexpected and ultra-sensorial encounter with fragrance raw materials.

This collection has been crafted with various perfume masters, each of them having a very unique artistic approach. All perfumes surprise with their contrasts, their originality and their modernity.


Each perfume is a unique composition inspired by real experiences, and based on a totally unprecedented combination of perfume raw materials. The bottles are sealed with a cap stamped with the Maison Crivelli monogram. This house signature lies on unpolished, non-identical zamac caps, each of which is unique, thereby extending the art of the unexpected that we at Maison Crivelli appreciate so much.

Maison Crivelli has chosen minimalist and eco-responsible packaging to reduce waste. The glass bottles are produced in France and Spain. The boxes and cases are designed using FSC paper and contain no plastics.

The cellophane used to protect the perfumes is produced from wood cellulose, which is biodegradable and compostable.

Packaging and quality control of our products is done by hand in France.

Each perfume is formulated without phthalates and without colorants.
Our formulas are certified by toxicologists in accordance with existing laws. They do not contain any animal products. None of our products are tested on animals.
The colour of natural raw materials might vary from one batch to the next, or over time, depending on unpredictable external factors (light, temperature, extraction method, etc.). This does not alter the quality of the products–presented without artifice–in any way.

Sustainable production
When Thibaud Crivelli visited vetiver and patchouli plantations in Indonesia, he met with the producers and became fully aware of the need to encourage sustainable development practices for perfume raw materials.

The main objectives are as follows: perennial production, limiting soil depletion or deforestation, avoiding chemical fertilizers, and maintaining a high level of quality.

What customers are saying
"One of the most complex things I've smelled in ages, the notes seem to have effected the fabric of the space-time continuum and are running out of order. By that I mean I'm experiencing green, sharp, resinous, galabnum notes right in the heart of this perfume evoking French Lover by Malle. YES IT DOES! Enough about that though the opening is unlike any cacao I've smelled but is that of orris butter or resinoid, giving a mixture between, chocolate, sweet, powdery, leather and carrot notes. Then it becomes cloaked with a peppery Virginian cedar note which grows and grows (reminds me a little of natural base from PCW called cedar/iris funnily enough) then as all this is going off the galbanum I mentioned above starts to pop, then all bets are off! Leave it on your skin for several hours and you'll be treated to the dirtied, vanillic base, which is long lasting and subtly beautiful but modern."

"What a fragrance! Absolute tour de force.
I want to buy it. I think I need it in my life."

"It lasts about 9 hours at medium high intensity."

"Many times when we try perfumes we do it from the side of simply I like it or I don't like it, but when we enter the line of perfumeries that create olfactory experiences it is okay to play the game of closing our eyes and seeing what the perfume makes us feel.
I have to say that Maison Crivelli has organized its website very well to be able to make that journey of notes together with visual, auditory sensations (a sound of this perfume altered my cat), and by doing these steps you can get much better at what is inside the perfume."

"What does this perfume smell like? I would tell you that it is perfectly a perfume with iris, with an aroma that is both powdery and slightly earthy, now, it is practically amazing how an iris perfume can be so creamy, it really is like butter, margarine that we know all our lives, they would have started creating margarine with aromas and you can feel how creamy it is, spreadable on the skin and gives you tremendous sensations, of course it has that little warm touch."

"But is it much more complicated to explain, iris butter? is that possible? You only understand it when you taste it ... If instead of describing the aroma with words I did it with an image, it would be the feeling of being lying on a flower cloud, warm by the rays of the sun."

"Sometimes perfumes just have to close your eyes and make us feel."

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

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