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FLORIS | Vert Fougere


A moody fragrance that embraces its green, mossy foundations and adds a sparkling modernity. A tenacious, multi-faceted fragrance reflecting a journey embarked upon by the Floris perfumers to re-imagine the classic fougère fragrance; the archetype of bold perfumery.

A bittersweet blend of grapefruit, bergamot and neroli entwine with ginger and lavender for added freshness while earthy patchouli, cedarwood and smooth cashmere in the base ensure endurance and a lasting legacy.

Conveying the delicate line between understated yet having individuality, the fragrance envelopes the wearer with its complex and distinctive character, defined by a juxtaposition between dark green notes and smoky, velvety, woody scent accords, both fresh and warm in equal measure.

Vert Fougère is the essence of a cultural leader who values precision and seeks nuance and balance in life between the old and new, tradition and innovation, authenticity and modernity.

"Whatever your craft or passion find your expression.”

Top notes Galbanum, Grapefruit, Bergamot

Heart notes Neroli, Lavender, Ginger

Base Cashmere, Cedarwood, Amber, Patchouli, Smoke accord


Reflecting a journey embarked upon by the Floris perfumers in pursuit of reimagining the iconic fougère fragrance family, Edward Bodenham, Perfumery Director at Floris said: "Over the past 5 years at Floris, I've been focused on creating a perfumery team that embraces the artisanal heart of Floris's perfumery heritage, but which finds new boundaries and ways of achieving the success of my ancestors. The fougère and its intrinsic connection to our perfumery background has been an area I feel I have had to wait a long time to revisit. I wanted to reflect the very soul of Floris in this fragrance and in my journey to do so, have worked closely with my perfumer Nicola Pozzani to come to the final version of Vert Fougère". Nicola adds: "Revolutionary in its composition, fougère to me is a marriage made of opposites: crisp, smart freshness versus sensuous, indulgent warmth.


Quietly and meticulously composing a symphony, a perfect balance between art and science. Our elegance is borne from experience not artifice. Made in Britain, using the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world. Discover the skill and artistry that goes into the creation of a Floris fragrance. It's a skill that has been passed down for 9 generations.


“We compose our fragrances in London in the same room my father did, and his father before him."  Edward Bodenham - 9th generation perfumery director

Nearly 300 years ago, Juan Famenias Floris created his first fragrance and recorded the formula in a large leather bound book. He continued to craft individual blends for his distinguished customers and with each new fragrance, the original formula was handwritten in this very book. For almost three centuries these recordings, along with the many more that followed, have been meticulously cared for in the perfumery at 89 Jermyn Street and have been handed down through each generation of the Floris family, providing inspiration for the unique Floris fragrances created today.

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