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FRAPIN & CIE | Bois Blanc





Top notes Bitter orange, Mandarin, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ginger

Heart notes Sage, Virginian cedar wood, Violet Leaf

Base Ambroxan, Guaiac wood, Cade wood

Fragrance Family Woods

Bois Blance was created from Frapin's love for wood...they admire it, work it, drink it and smell it. Working and living away from major cities, the team at Frapin let their personal and professional lives follow the circadian rhythm of days and nights, the changing of the seasons, the wind blowing in the trees. Sounds pretty amazing right?
This closeness to nature sustains them more than one might think. They model nature and are modeled by it, surrounded by meadows, vines, rivers and woods. This proximity is the hallmark of their style, their essence, their elegance. 

Wood is their age-old wisdom. They listen to its lessons and secrets. Its verticality shows them the only way forward, that of ascending. It is at times hot, enveloping, aromatic or deep. It strongly underscores their style; that of Bois Blanc...

How it wears

Bois Blanc opens with a fresh woody tone that smells like nature - there is the crispness of the top notes such as rosemary, bitter orange and ginger that freshen the scent and creates light and shade. The creamy, woody base of cedar wood and guaiac wood come to the forefront on the skin after some time making this the ultimate elegant woody fragrance that never gets too intense or heavy on the skin.

We love

We love how Frapin hero nature throughout their range, particularly wood in this fragrance. It is rich with depth and tells the stories of wood and nature in the elegant style that we always associate with Frapin. There is something that feels very understated sexy with this fragrance, a little rugged and rough around the edges but incredibly charming and hard to fault!

About the brand
As one of the oldest family owned businesses still operating, the Frapin family have been renowned vine growers for 21 generations. One of the finest cognac producers in the world, Frapin’s style embodies the very essence of cognacknowledge and well-established methods passed down through generations of the Frapin family. Frapin’s fragrances are lovingly produced on a small batch scale to preserve their outstanding quality. Much like the production of Frapin’s cognac, their perfume line is a composition of their knowledge; their passion for quality ingredients, taking time to develop finely honed skills. Sourcing and selecting the most beautiful raw ingredients, taking the time to showcase sophisticated and complex fragrant compositions and honouring traditions. As Frapin believe, the “quintessence of luxury is taking time to create beauty”.

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