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JULIETTE HAS A GUN | Lipstick Fever


Lipstick Fever

Lipstick Fever naturally focuses on the historic notes used in lipsticks: Iris, violet absolute and raspberry. Enhanced with woody notes (patchouli, cedarwood) to give it a little refinement and to echo the leather of the handbag so often inseparable from it. A contemporary composition, gourmand, ultimately feminine.

Top notes
Violet absolute

Heart notes
Patchouli essence
Iris absolute 

Vanilla absolute

Romano Ricci

Lipstick Fever is both musky and powdery with a fruity playfulness to it. The iris, violet and raspberry notes create an old world elegance that is reminiscent of that classic 'lipstick scent'. The raspberry note is also quite prominent and brings this perfume into the modern world perfectly. We find that Lipstick Fever lasts about 8 hours. It mellows out beautifully yet it definitely lingers just the right amount of time on the skin.

We love the glamorous nostalgia that Juliette has a Gun has created with Lipstick Fever. This takes us to memories of playing among the adult wonders of our mother's, and our grandmother's makeup collectionsparticularly their lipsticks. That powdery, dryness from the iris and patchouli gives such a beautiful musky elegance to Lipstick Fever. This perfume feels reminiscent of the old world movie starlets it's the kind of vintage lipstick scent we imagine the most glamorous women wearing in the 1950s.

Created in 2005, Juliette has a Gun is the wonderful fragrance world of Romano Ricci. Born into fragrance royalty, Romano Ricci had perfume in his DNA as the great grandson of Nina Ricci. The Juliette has a Gun range was originally based solely around the roselike a woman, Ricci says a rose is beautiful, intoxicating, delicate and thorny. The Juliette has a Gun range is contemporary, assertive and full of life. Ricci was inspired by the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliette, however the modern Juliette in this story comes armed - she carries a weapon, her weapon is her scent. And she uses her scent for seduction, flirtation and provocation. Juliette has a gun is rock meet romance in a bottle.

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