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JULIETTE HAS A GUN | Vanilla Vibes



Vanilla Vibes EDP

The fusion of the two opposites: the warm natural vanilla and the fresh sea salt which transports the vanilla into a mineral dimension… Far from being overwhelming, the Vanilla becomes suddenly…more atmospheric, more elegant…

The expression of a sensual, powerful and free femininity. Vanilla Vibes, a hymn to adventure and freedom.

Top notes

Fleur de sel (sea salt)

Heart notes
Orchid absolute
Natural vanilla absolute

Sandalwood absolute
Brown musk
Tonka bean
Bezoin absolute

Olfactory family

Wood vanilla 


Romano Ricci


Vanilla Vibes has the long-lasting butteriness of tonka bean, the staying power of musk and sandalwood, topped with the salty summery scent of the beach. Wear it all day long or have an extra spritz when you need that velvety vanilla to add a little more sweetness.


We love how evocative this perfume is. Memories of childhood summers by the beach, drinking ice cold milkshakes and the muskiness that evokes memory and myth. It's impossible not to love this scent.

Created in 2005, Juliette has a Gun is the wonderful fragrance world of Romano Ricci. Born into fragrance royalty, Romano Ricci had perfume in his DNA as the great grandson of Nina Ricci. The Juliette has a Gun range was originally based solely around the rose - like a woman, Ricci says a rose is beautiful, intoxicating, delicate and thorny. The Juliette has a Gun range is contemporary, assertive and full of life. Ricci was inspired by the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliette, however the modern Juliette in this story comes armed - she carries a weapon, her weapon is her scent. And she uses her scent for seduction, flirtation and provocation. Juliette Has a Gun is rock meet romance in a bottle.

What Customers are Saying 

"Loved Vanilla Vibes the second I smelled it, probably because it evoked a strong scent memory of a perfume I played with as a small child. Fragrance does that to us. What others see as a basic beach fragrance, I see as a time machine to childhood. Neat, huh?"

"Vanilla Vibes has a lot going for it. The salt tones down the vanilla so it comes across as soft rather than sweet. I love the ever-so-slight floral note that gives it extra brightness. The musk becomes more obvious in the dry down, but it still comes across as a clean and smooth fragrance throughout the wear."

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