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RANCÉ 1795 | Laetitia



In honour of Laetitia, Emperor Napoleon's mother, Francois Rancé gives us an extremely elegant and charming perfume, the characteristics of which reflect the temperament of this famous lady. Starting with its name, the quality ingredients, package design, and the story of the fragrance, the house of Rancé 1795 does not give up tradition, uniqueness, and refined style. Rancé 1795 Laetitia Millesime is wrapped in a powdery pink veil.

The perfume Laetitia Millesime, which belongs to the Imperiale Collection, was introduced in 2008 as a floral-spicy fragrance enriched with amber aromas. Jeanne Sandra Rancé found this fragrance, as well as others which have also been introduced onto the market, in her family's writings and archives. She chose the most precious gems of perfumery. These unusual perfumes live again thanks to her and bring a breath of seductive elegance and creativity.

Laetitia Millesime is built on a fresh citrus union at the top (mandarin, bergamot) decorated with orange blossom. The heart encompasses a floral mixture of Bulgarian rose, magnolia, and wisteria with a hint of nutmeg, while the base notes include patchouli, labdanum, Tolu balsam, and Reunion vanilla.

The perfume is composed of the finest, rarest, and costliest essences mixed in the traditional way of the house of Rancé. It is particularly interesting because the highest quality ingredients were chosen and combined from the best harvests.

Top notes
Orange blossoms

Heart notes
Bulgarian rose

Tolu balsam





Since the 17th Century the Rancé Maison, based in Grasse, has been renowned for a unique mastery in crafting perfumed gloves. The ability to master the techniques of Gantiers-Parfumeurs, soon evolved into the art of distilling and blending essences. From this legacy, in 1795 Francois Rancé established his Parfumeur - Distillateur laboratory.

Appointed as official purveyor to the Imperial French Court and Napoleon's favourite perfumer, François Rancé revolutionized the art of perfumery by creating fragrances of timeless excellence. Subsequent generations of the Rancé family have continued to develop innovative fragrances and gems of perfumery for illustrious figures of their times.

In 1902, thanks to Alexandre Rancé the company moved to Milan, starting a new era for the Maison. The Rancé 1795 legacy is now housed in the Milan historical Headquarters, in a permanent museum that brings together vintage Rancé products, part of the archives, and the Rancé collection of perfumery objets d'art.

Today, the seventh generation is carrying on the Rancé family's traditional craft, inspired by ancient recipes, selected natural ingredients, passion, research and creativity. They produce iconic contemporary fragrances which make Rancé 1795 ever more unique.

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