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SANTA MARIA NOVELLA | Acqua Soave - 250ml


SANTA MARIA NOVELLA | Acqua Soave - 250ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Acqua Soave - 250ml

A pleasantly fragrant toning and vitalizing water, scented with citrus fruit essential oils. It leaves the skin soft and silky smooth. It contains alcohol.

Rub on the body after bathing for a pleasant and fragrant fresh sensation.

Why this is an exceptional product
Many women are concerned with the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks, upper thighs, underarms and stomach. This dimpling appearance is caused by uneven storage of lipids and lymph in the tissues and occurs regardless of diet. Hormones are also known to play a role, as women tend to store fat for childbirth. 

Quite simply you cannot 'diet away' cellulite. Exercise alone will rarely, if ever shift this stubborn dimpling, although it does work towards stimulating the lymph system which is a good start. 

What is proven to improve the look of cellulite is a type of massage called lymph drainage and dry brushing lightly on the skin—which encourages these small pockets to break down and dissolve. 

Lymph drainage and dry brush is a soft, smooth, rhythmic hand over hand massage that is performed in 'slow motion'. Aqua Soave is the ideal texture to assist in this manoeuvre, and the lemon has a detoxing and uplifting effect. 

Done daily for 30 days or more, the results are quite visible. The skin has a firmer, more even appearance and is smoother to the touch. Those small 'pockets' or ridges are literally being rubbed away by the massage technique. 

We can never dissolve cellulite completely, however, with care and the right products, keeping hydrated and well rested, we can reduce the appearance considerably and feel lighter. 


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