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SANTA MARIA NOVELLA | Aromatic Vinegar / 15ml


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Aromatic vinegar

Records point us to 1630 as the year in which Officina’s "Aceto Aromatico” appeared, in the city of Toulouse, as a sanitising remedy against the plague. This aromatic vinegar was soon to be known as “the vinegar of the Seven Thieves”: in fact, it was used to steal without being infected. So valuable the substance that the Seven Thieves willed the recipe to remain secret: each one of them knew only one of the ingredients required for its preparation.
Together with “Sali di Lavanda”, their ancient formulas have been handed down for generations, and today you can still buy them as "temporis acti" collectibles.

Warning: this product is corrosive. For external use. For smelling only; do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Store tightly closed in a cool place.

15ml - 0.5 FL.OZ.

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